Orange Coast Free Methodist Church

Our Story


We are a small church; have been for over three decades. Some experts on church growth would find that appalling. Sorry. But when you come through the doors of Orange Coast you will not be targeted by a committee to make sure all your needs are being met, or by the membership chairperson encouraging you to attend classes, or by the Under Secretary to the Assistant of Spiritual Education Ministries asking the ages of your children. No, you’ll probably have a few people just come up to you, introduce themselves, and ask you how you’re doing ... a nurturing type person may ask where you’re from ... someone else might ask how you take your coffee. If you have any questions about our ministries or programs, we could simply call across the room for the chairperson of that group to give you details, straightaway. You see, we can do that. We’re a small church. No appointments necessary. One more thing, if by divine intervention, you come to church on the right day, and you sample one of our famous Potluck lunches ... you may never want to leave!

The truth about Jesus Christ is very much a story of love. I think most OCFMCers take that to heart ... some do so beautifully, others of us are still learning. On this, we agree, the love of Jesus is what binds us together. Come join us; we’d love to see you here.                                                          

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Orange Coast Free Methodist Church | 3198-B Airport Loop Drive  | Costa Mesa, CA 92626,  USA  | (714) 641-1944

Our Walk is with Christ, Our Journey is with You

At Orange Coast, you will be presented with the good news that Jesus Christ died for your sins so that you will inherit eternal life with Him in Heaven. You will be encouraged to live your life for Jesus Christ. You will be challenged to be Christ-like in character, values, and lifestyle. You will be offered opportunities to minister to people. You will receive support to live according to God's will. And you will be in the prayers of many who care about you.  Your presence in our congregation will be a blessing.

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